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Install tap

You can install the tap by running the following commands

brew tap denji/nginx


For a list of available configuration options run

brew options nginx-full
brew info nginx-full

Once the tap is installed, you can install nginx-full with optional arguments as additional functionality and modules.

brew install nginx-full --with-upload-module


If you have trouble installing this tap then please make sure the default version of nginx is removed first. You can do that with the following commands.

brew unlink nginx
brew link nginx-full


This tap comes with tons of custom modules and more are added all the time

Name Version Description
accept-language fbcdf79 Build with Accept Language support
accesskey d9e9432 Build with HTTP Access Key support
addition master Build with HTTP Addition support
ajp 0.3.0 Build with AJP-protocol support
anti-ddos 0.1 Build with Anti-DDoS support
array-var 0.05 Build with Array Var support
auth-digest 0.2.2 Build with Auth Digest support
auth-ldap 42d195d Build with Auth LDAP support
auth-pam 1.5.1 Build with Auth PAM support
auth-req master Build with HTTP Auth Request support
auto-keepalive 131b2af Build with Auto Disable KeepAlive support
autols 445c5f3 Build with Flexible Auto Index support
brotli 0.1.2 Build with Brotli compression support
cache-purge 2.4.2 Build with Cache Purge support
captcha 0.1 Build with Captcha support
counter-zone 9b841ed Build with Realtime Counter Zone support
ctpp2 f8adfec Build with CT++ support
dav-ext 3.0.0 Build with HTTP WebDav Extended support
debug master Build with debug log
degredation master Build with HTTP Degredation support
dosdetector 0.1 Build with detecting DoS attacks support
echo 0.61 Build with Echo support
eval 1.0.3 Build with Eval support
extended-status 1.1 Build with Extended Status support
fancyindex 0.4.3 Build with Fancy Index support
flv master Build with FLV support
geoip master Build with HTTP GeoIP support
geoip2 2.0 Build with GeoIP2 support
google-perftools master Build with Google Performance Tools support
gunzip master Build with Gunzip support
gzip-static master Build with Gzip static support
headers-more 0.33 Build with Headers More support
healthcheck 0.1 Build with Healthcheck support
http-accounting 0.5 Build with HTTP Accounting support
http-flood-detector 0.1 Build with Var Flood-Threshold support
http-remote-passwd 2fb6287 Build with Remote Basic Auth Password support
http2 master Build with HTTP/2 support
image-filter master Build with Image Filter support
log-if 0.1 Build with Log-if support
lua 0.10.13 Build with LUA support
mail master Build with Mail support
mail-ssl master Build with Mail SSL/TLS support
mod-zip 0.2 Build with HTTP Zip support
mogilefs 7ac230d Build with HTTP MogileFS support
mp4 master Build with MP4 support
mp4-h264 6d974ba Build with HTTP MP4/H264 support
mruby 2.1.0 Build with MRuby support
naxsi 0.56 Build with Naxsi support
nchan 1.2.5 Build with Nchan support
no-pool-nginx master Build without nginx-pool (valgrind debug memory)
notice 0.0.2 Build with HTTP Notice support
passenger master Build with Phusion Passenger support
pcre-jit master Build with JIT in PCRE
perl master Build with Perl support
php-session 0.4b Build with Parse PHP Sessions support
push-stream 0.5.4 Build with HTTP Push Stream support
random-index master Build with Random Index support
realip master Build with Real IP support
realtime-req 45bf467 Build with Realtime Request support
redis 21f8754 Build with Redis support
redis2 0.15 Build with Redis2 support
rtmp Build with RTMP support
secure-link master Build with Secure Link support
set-misc 0.32 Build with Set Misc support
slice master Build with Slice support
small-light 0.9.2 Build with Small Light support
status master Build with Stub Status support
stream master Build with TCP/UDP proxy support
stream-geoip master Build with Stream GeoIP support
stream-realip master Build with Stream RealIP support
stream-ssl master Build with Stream SSL/TLS support
stream-ssl-preread master Build with Stream without terminating SSL/TLS support
sub master Build with HTTP Sub support
subs-filter 0.6.4 Build with Substitutions Filter support
tarantool 2.7 Build with Tarantool upstream support
tcp-proxy 0.4.5 Build with TCP Proxy support
txid 0.2 Build with Sortable Unique ID support
unzip 0.1 Build with UnZip support
upload 2.3.0 Build with Upload support
upload-progress 0.9.2 Build with Upload Progress support
upstream-order 0.1 Build with Order Upstream support
ustats 0.3 Build with Upstream Statistics (HAProxy style) support
var-req-speed 0.1 Build with Var Request-Speed support
vod 1.24 Build with VOD on-the-fly MP4 Repackager support
vts 0.1.18 Build with virtual host traffic status support
webdav master Build with WebDAV support
websockify 0.0.3 Build with Websockify support
xslt master Build with XSLT support
xsltproc 0.16 Build with XSLT Transformations support


We accept most modules as long as they are tested and follow convetions. The following rules apply when submitting new formula or updating existing formula.

  1. Modifications to one module per pull request
  2. A tagged version must be specified
  3. Uses --with-{name}-module syntax to install the module
  4. brew doctor must not show any warnings or errors
  5. Patches must be included in the patches subdirectory